To join the team, you must:

  1. Complete three online safety courses and properly submit the four documents as explained below.
  2. Join Slack, which is the main way the team communicates. Download the smartphone app.


In order to join the team and work in the shop, everyone must pass three online safety courses: EOS 029 - Machine Shop Safety, ELS 002 - Chemical Safety, and ENV 001 - Hazardous Waste.

  1. Log into Blackboard with your Stony Brook NetID
  2. Under the “Courses” tab, type “EOS 029” in the Course Search box and click Go
  3. The Machine Shop Safety course will show up in the search. Click the down arrow (Options Menu) under the Course ID and select “Enroll”
  4. Repeat for “ELS 002” and “ENV 001”
  5. Navigate to each course by returning to the courses tab
  6. For each course, click the “How to complete this course” link on the sidebar, and follow the instructions.
  7. Complete each course with passing grades: EOS 029 with 16/20, ELS 002 with 44/48, and ENV 001 with 20/25.
  8. For each course, click the “My grades” link on the sidebar. Print out and save a pdf of your passing grade, with your name visible.
  9. For EOS 029, click the “Handouts” link on the sidebar. Print out and sign the last page of the Machine Shop Safety Rules & Agreement. Leave the fields for SBU ID and shop instructor blank.
  10. Submit physical copies of the three passing grades and the signed page of the Machine Shop Safety Rules & Agreement to the Motorsports office