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Energy Technologies Program

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University has opened a new course of study in Energy Technologies leading to a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 'Hands on' laboratory and design experience in the areas of Heat pumps, Insulation, Solar thermal, Photovoltaics, Wind turbines, Fuel cells, and Thermoelectrics, as well as theory based courses focusing on energy transformation, transfer, and storage.

Training Engineers to build a sustainable future

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New Courses:

  1. Energy Technology Thermodynamics
  2. Energy Technologies Laboratory I
  3. Emerging Energy Technologies
  4. Energy Technologies Laboratory II
  5. Building Energy Dynamics and Technology
  6. HVAC

The Energy Technologies Program offers a course of study leading to an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering. The degree can be completed in twelve months.

The core of the program consists of six courses:

  1. MEC 516 – Energy Technologies Laboratory I (3 credits)
  2. MEC 520 – Energy Technologies Thermodynamics (3 credits)
  3. MEC 517 – Energy Technologies Laboratory II (3 credits)
  4. MEC 515 -- Emerging Energy Technologies (3 credits)
  5. MEC 522 – Building Energy Dynamics and Technology (3 credits)
  6. MEC 506 – Energy Management in Commercial Buildings [HVAC] (3 credits)

The remaining four courses (12 credits) may be selected from the following list:

  1. MEC 550 - Mechatronics ( 3 credits)
  2. MEC 509 - Transport Phenomena
  3. MEC 523 - Internal Combustion Engines
  4. MEC 526 - Modern Power Cycles
  5. MEC 535 - Engineering Stress Analysis (3 credits)
  6. MEC 528 - Introduction to Experimental Stress Analysis (3 credits)
  7. MEC 570 - Introduction to Engineering Tribology (3 credits)
  8. MEC 576 - Microfluidics and Microscale Heat Transfer (3 credits)
  9. MEC 696 Special Projects (variable credit, 6 credits maximum)
  10. MEC 599 Masters Thesis (variable credit, 9 credits required)


Please contact Prof. Lin-Shu Wang, Graduate Program Director for application details. Research opportunities in the Energy Technology Laboratories are available but room is limited. Preference will be given to full-time MS students.