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5 Year BE/MS Program

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Accelerated (5-year) B.E./M.S. Program

An undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Major at Stony Brook can apply to the Accelerated B.E./M.S. Program (also called "5-year program") in their junior year. The main benefits of the program are:

  • It allows students to apply three graduate courses in their undergraduate years and count them towards both the undergraduate and the graduate degrees. As a result, students can complete both degrees within 5 years.
  • The application process is less cumbersome than the M.S. admission process, which requires filling out a much longer application form and taking GRE exams.

About the Program

The Accelerated B.E./M.S. program, which is nicknamed the 5-year program, is a program designed to allow mechanical engineering students with good academic standing to graduate with both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in 5 years. This is achieved by allowing undergraduate students in the program to take up to three graduate courses as their undergraduate technical electives. These three graduate courses or 9 credits will also be counted towards their Master's degree. Of these three courses, two may be taken as an undergraduate and the third must be taken during the year when the student matriculates as a graduate student.

What are the major benefits of this combined program?

You save a total of 9 credits as a result of double-counting three graduate courses towards both your undergraduate and graduate requirements. As a result, you will be able to graduate with both degrees in 5 years, which saves time and tuition as compared to our regular programs.

What are the requirements for admission?

You need to be a Mechanical Engineering student with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above at the end of your junior year.

How to apply?

You must see our Graduate Program Director in order to receive an offer letter accepting you into the Accelerated BE/MS program. Each semester, you must fill out a new form, Permission for Undergraduate Students in the Accelerated Degree Program to Enroll in Graduate Courses, in order to register for graduate courses while in your senior year. This form must be signed by the Graduate Program Director.

When are the deadlines for application?

The deadlines for application are typically April 1 for fall enrollment and November 15 for spring enrollment.  

Is there an application fee?


Is the GRE required?


What is the minimum GPA?

You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 to be admitted into the program.

How do I register for graduate courses?

You must fill out a new form, Permission for Undergraduate Students in a Accelerated Degree Program to Enroll in Graduate Courses, to take graduate courses towards your Master's Degree. This form must be signed by the Graduate Program Director.

What about financial support?

In general, you are expected to be self-funded and would not normally be considered candidates for a Tuition Scholarship. You will not be considered for TA positions since TA positions are only offered to Ph.D. students according to the Graduate School Policy. RA positions may be offered, but only in special cases due to the shortened length of the program. However, the SPIR Program may offer opportunities to work part-time at local companies with stipend and tuition waiver. Please contact Prof. Anurag Purwar (LE 169; 2-8542) for more information.

When do I get my Bachelor's degree?

You will get your Bachelor's degree when you have fulfilled requirements for the BE degree.

When should I attend Graduate Orientation?

You are required to attend Graduate Orientation the first semester of your Graduate Career (Normally the 8th semester of your Undergraduate Program), since you will be subject to Graduate School Regulations and Policies.

How and when do I become a graduate student?

You need to submit a one-page admission form, Application Form to Graduate School for the Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Degree, due prior to your first semester as a graduate student. This form must be signed by the Graduate Program Director.. Then you will be issued an offer letter admitting you to our Master's program.

Can I continue the graduate portion of the program part-time after completing the Bachelor's degree?

Yes. In this case, you will not be able to finish both degrees in five years. However, you will still be allowed to double count up to 9 credits of graduate courses towards both degrees, thus saving tuition and time.

What about campus housing?

If you are living on campus, you are expected to move from Undergraduate to Graduate Housing once you begin your Graduate Career. However, a grace period of six months may be granted.

Whom should I contact for more information?

You can contact  the Graduate Program Director, for program related information or the Graduate Program Secretary, for administrative questions.