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Industrial Advisory Board

Mechanical Engineeering's Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is a group of engineers from around the United States who volunteer their time to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  Although members of the Board are available to the faculty and students all year for consultation and advice, the group convenes each spring (usually early May) to tour machine shops and labs, listen to student presentations and meet new faculty.  The Chair brings the Board up-to-date on the past year's activities and keeps the Board current on ABET credentialing matters.

Volunteer members of the IAB represent the following companies: Instron, Brookhaven National Laboratories, Electric Boat/General Dynamics, Parker Bayside, Ford Motor Company, Northrup Grumman, EDO, Anorad and Festo Corporation.

For our students, the highpoint of the day comes when they receive interview advice from IAB members who are also would-be future employers.

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