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The strong research program in our Department across all areas of concentration is a reflection of our high-caliber faculty, many of whom have obtained international recognition. The experimental research facilities are state-of-the-art and include photomechanic instruments for fracture and fatigue studies, optics-based material characterization techniques, as well as facilities for optical metrology, the measurement of ultra fast thermal phenomenon and thermo-optical properties, a processing and measurement facility, a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) laboratory, a manufacturing automation laboratory, and crystal growth facility. Our department also has extensive highperformance computational facilities for computational fluid dynamics, computational solid mechanics, and computer-aided geometric design.

Below is a list of laboratories with which our Department is associated with. These laboratories perform valuable research and development at Stony Brook and employ numerous professors and students, both graduate and undergraduate, from the mechanical engineering department. Many important research projects are conducted for private and government contractors.

Our Research Labs

You can learn more about the laboratories by clicking on the link associated with each. The links may go to other sites not located on this server. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if you'd like the links to be updated.

Other Laboratories

- Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics Lab

- Computer Aided Design & Engineering Lab (Director: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

- Energy Technologies Laboratory (Director: Prof. John Kincaid)

- Experimental Mechanics Research Laboratory

- Laser Solar Photovoltaic Laboratory

- Micromechanics Lab

- Pulsed Laser Holography Lab

- Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Research Lab (Director: Prof. Cindy Chang)


Undergraduate Research

Senior Design                                                                       


Annual Student Research Poster Symposium


The 2014 Student Research Poster Symposium was held on April 23 in the Mechanical Engineering department. The Symposium included 34 posters from graduate and undergraduate students and covered a wide variety of research topics. The hard work by all entrants was impressive and greatly appreciated. A panel of seven judges evaluated the entries and seven winners were selected based on the combination of their poster layout, ability to convey information, as well as relevance and engineering merit. We would like to thank the student volunteers who helped with the organization and the judges for their diligence in evaluating all entries in a considerate and timely manner. After deliberation, the winning entries were announced the same day and the first authors of awarded posters received an honorary certificate. We would like to congratulate all participants and commend the authors of the following winning posters:

Ph.D. category:
Thermoelectrically-driven sustainable sensing and automation systems for fault tolerant nuclear incidents
Mahder Tewolde, Hanfei Chen, Chih-Chieh Lin, He Tao, Gaosheng Fu, Tao Zhang, Lei Zuo, David Hwang, and Jon Longtin
Laser extraction and separation of rare-earth elements
Pyung-cho Han, Tao Zhang, and David Hwang 
Laser processing of biomimetic super-hydrophobic surfaces for energy and structural applications
Tao Zhang and David Hwang
Optimum joint arthrodesis and immobilization angles to allow for better fingertip mobility and manipulability
Paul Arauz and Imin Kao
Building engineering interface and analysis in orthopaedic surgery: Improve accuracy of wide resection of bone tumors and enhance implant fitting
Carlos Helguero and Imin Kao
MS/BE category:
Three dimensional nano/microfabrication using two-photon polymerization with pico-second laser
Dong Sung Kim, Seung Kuk Kuk, and David Hwang
Portable Infant Incubator
Christopher Norona, Rendy Tejada, Anna Wu, Ying Zhao, Tao He, Qing Chang, and John Brittelli  

Photos from 2014 

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